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Scholarships & Prizes


The Thespy Awards recognize the highest achievement in student performance and technical theatre. Qualified finalists have the opportunity to receive additional recognition in the form of scholarships and/or sponsored prizes. Additional applications are required for scholarships.


The Grace Kelly Scholarships, the Amy Bennett Musical Theatre Scholarship, the Marion Combs Career Inspiration Award, and the Open Jar Musical Theatre Scholarship require additional applications. Visit the Educational Theatre Foundation website for elligibility details and applications.

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Sponsored Prizes & Awards

Companies and organizations sponsor prizes for select winners in some Thespy categories. Applications for these prizes are not required; representatives from each sponsoring organization select the recipients at their discretion. Thanks to these organizations for providing the following prizes to outstanding Thespy participants:

Stage Write Software Prize

Recipients of the Stage Management Thespy Award receive a one-year Stage Write PRO subscription (valued at $100).

Thornton Wilder Playwriting Award

One Thespy finalist in Playwriting will receive a $500 cash prize.

Dramatists Guild Prize

Recipients of the Playwriting Thespy Award receive a one-year membership to the Dramatists Guild (valued at $130).

Educator Recognition


Ludus Superior Teacher Award

The Superior Teacher Award recognizes the troupe director whose students’ entries have collectively scored the most superior overall ratings in the final round of Thespy adjudication. This award celebrates the dedication, guidance, and unwavering commitment of an exceptional teacher who has nurtured their students' talents and inspired them to achieve greatness.