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Scholarship & Award Programs


The Thespy Awards recognize the highest achievement in student performance and technical theatre. During the final round of adjudication at the International Thespian Festival, you can also be rewarded for your theatrical work. Over $40,000 is given away annually to high achievers in the International Thespian Excellence Awards program.

Grace Kelly Scholarships

Grace Kelly, the renowned Hollywood actress and style icon, captivated audiences with her talent and beauty. From her unforgettable roles in Alfred Hitchcock's films to her real-life transformation into Princess Grace of Monaco, her journey is one of inspiration. As a young aspiring actor, Grace had a burning passion for the performing arts. Her uncle, George, was a playwright who nurtured her talent and encouraged her to pursue a career in theatre.

To honor this idea of mentorship, the Princess Grace Foundation has proudly joined hands with the Educational Theatre Foundation and the Thespy Awards to sponsor the Grace Kelly Scholarship program. These scholarships aim to empower aspiring high school students to pursue their dreams in the arts. Just like Grace's own journey, these scholarships go beyond financial assistance, emphasizing the importance of building relationships, networks, and a supportive artistic community.


  • Five $6,000 four-year scholarships to graduating seniors to be used for training or college. During these four years, recipients are mentored by a disinguished Princess Grace Award winner.
  • Five $1,000 training scholarships to underclassmen in grades 9-11 to be used for training programs.


A limited number of high-scoring Thespy participants at ITF are invited to interview; recipients are selected by the Grace Kelly Scholarship interview committee.

Amy Bennett Musical Theatre Scholarship

"Things won't always turn out as you hoped or planned; but if you seize opportunities, act diligently and fairly, and show goodwill towards others, you'll enjoy a full, rich life, unburdened by regrets." – Amy Bennett

The Amy Bennett Foundation is a nonprofit charity that creates and disburses scholarship funds used to enrich the lives of youth and college-aged performers in honor of the passing of the Bennett family's daughter, Amy. Individuals bestowed with the Amy Bennett Musical Theatre Scholarship deeply embody Amy's qualities of humbleness, joy, and a deep-founded passion for the arts. 


  • One $2,500 scholarship


A top-scoring musical theatre performer is selected by the Bennett family and the Amy Bennett Scholarship selection committee.

Sponsored Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, additional program-specific scholarships are also awarded to high-scoring students. Detatils will be made available as sponsors are solidified. Check the ITF website for the most up-to-date information.


View Scholarship & Award Recipients


How It Works

  1. To be eligible, you must first qualify for the final round of adjudication at ITF.
  2. Register to attend ITF in person and participate in the Thespys as an add-on activity.
  3. Submit the Thespy Application Form.
  4. Thespy participants will automatically be eligible for scholarship consideration – no separate forms to fill out or fees to pay.
  5. Finalists for the available scholarships will be chosen from high-scoring Thespy participants — but score alone is not the deciding factor.   
  6. Finalists will be interviewed by the appropriate selection committees.
  7. The committees select the winners. Scholarships may be awarded to both performers and technicians.

Seniors looking to maximize their scholarship opportunities or who don’t qualify for the final round of Thespy adjudication at ITF are invited to apply for other EdTA scholarship opportunities. Juniors are encouraged to participate in college auditions at ITF, during which college theatre programs from around the country award admission and scholarships to Thespians each year.